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[Mod Post] Hosted NSFW Videos from whitelisted domains are now permitted

Hi everyone,I would like to announce some changes coming to this sub and our decision on why we’ve decided to make them. NSFW_Snapchat was created in 2013 when Snapchat started becoming popular as a platform, 2 years after their initial launch. This sub catered to the sexier NSFW side part of the platform that was a primary function but not widely spoken about within the Reddit community. People wanted to see the risquΓ© content that got shared on Snapchat and this led our growth to over 340k subscribers within 5 years (thank you all so much for subscribing and being the heart of a kick-ass community!)Now, as our community grew, Snapchat as a platform began changing. Users preferred consuming video content shared over Snapchat, which in turn, drew in the pornstars and amateur models who saw the opportunity to give fans a rare and raw peek into their private sex lives. We realize how important this connection is with the community and now want to put an emphasis on that.Starting December 15th, we’ll allow posts from trusted video hosts where Snapchat video content is uploaded (see rules for whitelisted domains)We sincerely apologize to our loyal users for any inconvenience this causes them as it is not our intention to alienate them whatsoever. We just took a moment to reflect what our original mission was when we created this sub 5 years ago, to make sure our community sees the best NSFW content that gets shared on Snapchat. We hope you will continue this journey with us.Thank you,OP ​

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